How Does Leucine Help With Weight Loss?

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How Does Leucine Help With Weight Loss?

Most of you are asking yourself, what is leucine and how does leucine help with weight loss? Leucine is an essential branched chain amino acid, which means your body can’t produce it on its own, so you must ingest it.  Leucine can be found in certain foods like legumes, egg whites, and protein smoothies and bars.

In more recent years becoming popular among athletes and those looking to lose weight. People that are physically active use leucine to help prevent the breaking down of muscle protein during exercise, and in the maintenance and repair of muscles after working out.

How Leucine Helps With Weight Loss

leucine helps keep muscle and lose fatThose that are trying to use leucine to help with weight loss will use it to retain muscle mass and to keep their metabolism going strong. Research has shown that leucine is unique in that it spares muscle proteins during weight loss, so you lose fat and not muscle. It stimulates the body to burn subcutaneous fat in order to build muscle tissue. It is known that pound for pound, muscles burn more calories than fat, so keeping muscle while losing weight is an important part of your weight loss success.

The problem with conventional diets is that you lose muscle along with fat, slowing down your metabolism and making it easier to regain the weight again, hence the yo-yo diets (see the picture here). Leucine will help prevent this by building lean muscle tissue, resulting in increased energy levels and more weight loss in less time.

How Does Leucine Help with Weight loss


A safe and realistic goal when losing weight is averaging 1 to 2 pounds per week. Only weigh yourself once a week and also measure your results by inches lost, so you can see the results on paper as you track your success.

Look for a weight loss program with scientific proof. In a preliminary clinical study, participants lost an average of 15.4 pounds in 12 weeks, an average of 4 inches and up to 8.5 inches off their waist, and 3 inches from their hips. Even more remarkable was that participants in the study retained nearly all of their lean muscle…….and this is how leucine helps with weight loss.

At the heart of this clinical study is the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Weight Loss Program that I use personally and recommend to my personal training clients….and it’s powered by the amino acid leucine. For weight loss that lasts, it isn’t just exercise alone, you need the right food and a complete lifestyle change to be a healthier you.

Now that you know how leucine helps with weight loss, get started today on your weight loss journey by clicking here ==> Shaklee 180 Turnaround Weight Loss Program – powered by leucine!  This program comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose except the fat and inches. I look forward to helping you with your fitness and weight loss goals. 

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