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Time For Change Personal Training Is Here For You! Time For Change Personal Training was created to help you develop healthy habits in a convenient and affordable way. Serving the Niwot, Longmont, Erie, Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, and some areas beyond this (contact me to check).

Read below for more details about each service offered:

  • Time For Change Fitness Group
  • Time For Change Mobile Personal Training – I come to you!
  • Nutritional Consultations – Weight Loss/Management and Custom Meal Plans

Time For Change Fitness Group:

Time For Change Personal Training Fitness Group(Women Only) Come check out a session at Time For Change Fitness Group for free. Get a full body workout each time, including cardio, resistance training, flexibility, balance, body weight calisthenics, resistance bands, stability balls, hand weights, kettlebells, bosu ball, battle rope, balance discs, TRX, agility ladder, circuit training, and high/mod intensity interval training.

Summer Fitness Group Schedule starts June 5th:

In Niwot – Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30am.

In Frederick – Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm.

*If you want to join my fitness group, it’s required that you RSVP for each fitness group you’ll attend. RSVP and sign up for my ladies only fitness group by clicking here ==> Time For Change Fitness Group .  On this other site is where you’ll see specific locations for each group.

After your first Free session and when you attend your next group session, you’ll need to purchase your 10 session punch card  by bringing cash or a check to me in person.  Commit to improving your health and getting fit this year!

  • Special is $40 for a 10 session punch card!
  • NOTE: Punch cards will expire 6 months from the last date you attend group.

Each workout session will be approximately 50 minutes long. If it’s your first free session, arrive on time and you’ll need  to fill out some short paperwork and before we begin. Also bring a water bottle.

Time For Change Mobile Personal Training:

  • My availability for any Mobile Personal Training is: Monday-Fridays during the day, and currently the only time slot available in the evening is Mondays at 7pm. (Ongoing: No time slots available in the afternoons from 2-6:45pm).

(For Women Only or couples/small private groups) – Mobile Personal Training where I come to your home. I’ll work with each client to create an individualized training program using weights, a stability ball (if you have one), cardio, resistance training, flexibility, balance, body weight calisthenics, and interval training to help you gain strength and improve your fitness through a variety of exercises meant to challenge and change your body.

The way my program works is I’ll come to your home once per week and you’ll go over your personal program while I’m there to show you proper form and to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. Then I’ll be checking in with you often during the week for accountability; to make sure you did your workouts, and you’re on track with healthy nutrition and water intake.

I’m currently accepting Mobile Personal Training clients in the following towns: Erie, Niwot, Longmont, Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, (and possible further locations, please check).

Time For Change Mobile Personal Training (Private One-on-One) Packages:  Expires within 6 months of start date. *FREE with Any Personal Training Package Purchase below – Initial Fitness Assessment (includes measurements and body fat analysis), plus basic nutrition consult. Full package amount is due at time of first session.

  • 4 1-hour sessions = $200 ($50 per session)
  • 10 1-hour sessions = $450 ($45 per session) *current special is $20 off this package, total would be $430 for 10 sessions.

Time For Change Personal Training Couples or Small Private Group Package:  Expires within 6 months of start date.

  • 4 1-Hour sessions = rates are $30/per person/per hour, $240 for couples/2 friends at one location.
  • 4 small private group sessions (depends on number of individuals, contact me for payment details). Less if more people are added in.
  • 10 1-Hour sessions = rates are $26/per person/per hour, $520 for couples/2 friends at one location.  *special is $20 off this package, total would be $500.
  • 10 small private group sessions (depends on number of individuals, contact me for payment details). Less if more people are added in.

Nutritional Consultations:

Weight Loss/Management:

I recommend the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Program or Lean & Healthy Kits. Products include Non-GMO Protein, all are Gluten Free (some are lactose free too), high in Fiber, Powered by the amino acid Leucine to help you maintain your muscle while you lose fat, high in Vitamins & Minerals, Low Glycemic (safe for diabetics), and has No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, or Preservatives. Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Watch This Video Now by Clicking Here ==> The 180 Turnaround Program

Success Tools With the 180 Program: mobile app with web access to track progress, free recipes, workouts, advice and meal plans from health professionals, daily motivation, and rewards for losing.

Personalized Nutritional Meal Planning:

Being a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, if you’d like something more personalized than the Shaklee 180 Program above, I can make personal meal plans made just for you. Note: a health screen is required prior to this service.

Detailed Analysis of Current Eating Habits, discussion of goals, food preferences and coaching, food journaling or app intro, as well as body composition, measurements, and 2 Weeks of a Full Custom Meal Plan built just for you (detailed listing of what to eat specifically at each meal that includes your food preferences) $175. A 2 week Custom Meal Plan same as above with specific recipes included $275.

Kitchen Clean Out & Grocery Shopping Learning Trip:

The first step is to clean out the unhealthy foods from your kitchen/pantry (you have to be willing to do this step before you can start the next step). I’ll help you learn how to make a shopping list with healthy food choices, then we’ll go on a Grocery Shopping Learning Trip together where you’ll learn the best/worst places to shop for food in the grocery store, how to decipher food labels, and more. (pre-planning work required) 2 hrs total $250


Pre- and Post-Natal Workouts:

While the baby is growing and developing, pregnancy exercises need to be tailored to make sure both mother and baby have the safest workout (you won’t be able to attend my fitness group, only private mobile personal training during this time).

Fitness does not stop after the baby is born. There are many physiological and anatomical changes that occur both pre and post pregnancy and I focus on creating workouts that are not only effective, but safe too. Some of the main exercise concerns both during and after pregnancy are: decrease in joint stability, pelvic floor muscles, weight gain, stretching abdominal muscles, postural difficulties, and back pain. With an effective fitness program, many of the concerns can be addressed to ensure mothers have a safe and healthy pregnancy and a quick return to full fitness after birth. As a Women’s Fitness Specialist, I’ll be able to help you during and after your pregnancy with a safe and healthy fitness program made just for you. See availability above.

Special Friend Referral Offer: Bring a friend and get rewarded!

  • Refer a new Client that purchases 10 1-hour sessions or more of personal training, and you’ll receive a one hour session FREE (a $50 value)
  • Refer a new Client that purchases a 10 session punch card for fitness group and you’ll receive a FREE punch on your punch card in return. (a $5 value)

****Gift Certificates are available upon request.

So what are you waiting for? It’s Time for Change starting today!



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