30 Day Challenge

30 Days To A Healthier You

This challenge is closed at this time.

Finding fitness activities that you enjoy, doing them with a supportive community, and tracking your nutrition and workouts will help you reach your fitness goals.

During this 30-Day Challenge, my goal is for you to create healthy habits that are stepping stones towards a healthier way of life. Hopefully you’ll make new friends and learn about health and fitness along the way.

We’ll interact as a group online and have some friendly competition through a simple points system for fitness and nutrition tracking.

You’ll get:

  • Weekly Accountability Tracking through My Fitness Pal Observation (Free app)
  • Private & Supportive Facebook Group – Workouts, Check-ins, Articles, Motivation, Recipes, and Tips
  • Weekly Prizes Based On Points Earned (see how you earn points below)

Cost: $15 to register for the challenge, $40 for a 10 Session Punch Card for my Online Fitness Group Classes.

NOTE: It’s required to attend one of my Online Fitness Group Classes per week during the challenge OR be a Personal Training client of mine.

The Winner of the challenge will earn $200 cash! This will be based on a points system that can be earned by attending my fitness group classes, doing extra workouts, tracking your nutrition/water intake daily, participating in the Facebook group, and more.

At the end of every week you’ll fill out a form asking the following:

  • Number of days nutrition/water intake were tracked in My Fitness Pal (14 possible points, 2 points for each day)
  • Number of my Online Fitness Group Classes you attended that week, Minimum of 1 class required each week for the challenge (10 points per class)
  • Number of extra cardiovascular exercise completed that week (hiking, biking, etc where you kept your heart rate up for 30 min) = 1 point for ea 30 minutes+ (5 points max)
  • Number of ‘other’ resistance training workouts that week (not my fitness group class) – 1 point each for ~45 min workout (7 points max)
  • Number of days walking – 30 minutes+ 1 point for each day (5 points max)
  • Participating in Private Facebook Group that week (1 each day, 7 points max)
  • If a particular healthy habit was completed that week 1 point for each day (7 points max) this will change weekly


How does this challenge work? At the beginning of every week you’ll receive an email and workout. The rest of the work will be up to you for nutrition, workouts, and tracking. See my website on specifics about how to earn points and the point system.

If I don’t live in the area, can I still participate? Yes, I want to be able to help people living outside of this area through online coaching.  This program is open to women with access to these online activities, my online fitness group classes, the Facebook private support group, My Fitness Pal, emails, etc.

Do I have to follow a specific nutrition plan? No, this program is about you tracking your food/water intake and doing what works best for you.  Most of us know what to eat, it’s a matter of making the right choices.

Are there weigh-ins? No, this is not a weight loss challenge. Most participants will have weight loss as a goal, but the goal for this challenge is for you to find a healthy balance of good nutrition and regular activity. 

Why My Fitness Pal? Even if you use a Fitbit or any other personal tracker, it’s easy to sync your current device to the My Fitness Pal platform so you’re not having to log things twice. I’ll be logging into your My Fitness Pal account to check your tracking each week, that is how you’ll earn the points for this part of the challenge.

This challenge is about making healthier food choices and adding fitness activities into your life, something everybody can benefit from. After the 30-Day Challenge is over, you’ll hopefully be applying what you learned in that time so you maintain the results you achieved, and then achieve even more.

If you’re ready for some accountability and friendly competition with your fitness routine, contact me through the contact form on this website, or by emailing me at Tracy@TimeForChangePersonalTraining.com.