Corrective Exercise Programs and Mobile Personal Training

Time For Change Corrective Exercise Programs

Do you suffer from joint or back pain, have limited range of motion, do you play sports now or in the past, you sit all day or your job requires repetitive movements, when walking you have pain in your ankle/knee/hip/pelvis/back, or were diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sciatica, or a sprain/strain? If you answered yes to any of these, you most likely have several muscle imbalances that are causing you pain and discomfort. The best way to remedy these cumulative stresses on the body is with a Corrective Exercise Program and Time For Change Personal Training can help.

Corrective Exercise Programs are designed to help my clients learn how to improve the condition of their musculoskeletal systems and practice movements needed to perform daily activities and/or vigorous exercises correctly, without the discomfort of limitations. Corrective Exercise Programs help improve mobility, stability, strength, performance, and posture; Corrective Stretching Exercisewhile decreasing pain, stress, and susceptibility to other injuries.

A Corrective Exercise Program starts with your initial consultation where you’ll go through a detailed screening of your musculoskeletal system (feet/ankles, knees, hips/pelvis, back, shoulders/arms, neck/head), after which we’ll discuss a Corrective Exercise Program that will be made custom for you.

A Corrective Exercise Program may include Self-myofascial Release (SMR) techniques with a foam roller, tennis or golf ball to help rejuvenate/restore soft tissue and help reduce painful symptoms or movement restrictions. There may also be Stretching Exercises, to introduce movement and increase range of motion (with proper form) in those areas that have musculoskeletal imbalances. After a short time your body will be ready for Strengthening Exercises to help recondition, retrain, and build up soft tissue structures with learning proper form. The goal is to retrain the neuromuscular, myofascial, and musculoskeletal systems to correct problems and safeguard the body from future injuries. These exercises will be a part of your Mobile Personal Training Program.

Time For Change Mobile Personal Training

mobile personal trainingYour Mobile Personal Training program will depend on your goals (gain strength, lose weight, fat loss, improve endurance) and may include resistance training, strength training, balance, flexibility, cardio, interval training, etc.

I’ve been a NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2011, and recently earned my TBMM Corrective Exercise Specialist certification/credentials. Along with my years of training as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in a hospital, adding this approach to my tool box as a Personal Trainer will allow me to help even more people in need of relief and to improve the way they function in their daily lives.

I’m currently accepting clients in the following cities: Frederick, Firestone, Erie, Niwot, Longmont, and Dacono (Note: there will be a fee for travel if outside of my service area such as Mead, Gunbarrel, etc and based on availability).

*Availability for Corrective Exercise Programs/Mobile Personal Training are Monday – Fridays during the day only. Sorry, no availability from 2-6pm or evenings at this time. I do offer my Time For Change Fitness Group classes four times per week (two in the morning, two in the evening) if those might work for you. Please click ==> Time For Change Fitness Group for more information on group.

For the Corrective Exercise Programs/Mobile Personal Training, Your first session will be your detailed musculoskeletal assessment, weigh-in, body composition analysis, nutrition consult, and we’ll talk about your goals. Then we’ll meet once per week to go over and have you do your program for that week. While I’m there, I’ll show you proper form and technique to make sure you’re doing your program correctly. You’ll do your program on your own that week with me checking in with you for accountability and to answer questions you may have.

Time For Change Corrective Exercise Program/Mobile Personal Training (I work with women at their homes)

  • Free Initial Musculoskeletal Assessment ($50 value)
  • 10 1-hour sessions = $600 ($60 per session). This amount can be broken up into two payments, the first half is due at your first session, the other half at session five. Expires within 6 months of start date. *Special is $20 off this package (would be $580 for 10 sessions).
  • Body Composition Analysis PDF report
  • Nutritional Guidance and goal setting

*Gift Certificates are available in any amount.