Corrective Exercise Programs

Posture & Movement Analysis With Online Corrective Exercise Program: For Men, Women, and Teens.

Posture Analysis – I’m using the best and most effective posture/movement analysis software on the market. I’ll take specific pictures of your posture (front and side view) in person that the software can accurately calculate how your posture is affecting the weight bearing load on your body leading to instability and wear and tear.

Movement Analysis – The over head squat is a great assessment that provides valid information about total body flexibility, coordination and strength. The software will analyze your movement while you perform a squat to help identify postural misalignment, muscle imbalances, and which muscles are firing/not firing correctly.

After the Posture or Movement Analysis is performed, you’ll receive a PDF by email of your results with specific details on deviations, muscle weaknesses, etc as pictured here. I’ll be putting together a corrective exercise program consisting of specific exercises customized just for you based on your Posture or Movement Analysis results. These corrective exercises are designed to break the pain cycle by improving posture and range of motion, restoring balance and fluid motion, and to protect against recurring injury.

During your 10 week time period, you’ll get 24/7 access to your own secure exercise portal for online/smart phone/tablet access (WebExercises). You can view your exercises with photos, descriptions, and instructional videos, plus track exercise progress. Your exercise program can be printed off for future use (you just won’t have access to the videos after the 10 week program).  I’ll be checking in with you often for accountability, answer ?s, change exercises if needed, etc.

At the 10 week mark, I’ll meet with you in person again to repeat the Posture or Movement Analysis pictures or squat screen. You’ll get another PDF report emailed to you of before/after comparisons and to see your progress in 10 weeks.

NOTE: With these 2 programs (posture/movement), we only meet in person at the beginning and end of 10 weeks. During the 10 week program, you’ll have access to all of your personal exercises online with 24/7 access, and me checking in with you by text, phone or email.  The Posture or Movement Analysis with Corrective Exercises is for men, women, and teens.

Posture or Movement Analysis with Online Corrective Exercise Program – One time payment of $150 for a 10 Week Program.