Time For Change Personal Training Services Offered:

  • Time For Change Fitness Group (Women Only) in Frederick and Niwot
  • Time For Change Mobile Personal Training (Women Only)
  • Posture and Movement Analysis with Corrective Exercise Programs (Men, Women, Teens)
  • Nutrition/Custom Meal Plans

Details on all services are listed below. Serving the Niwot, Longmont, Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, and Erie areas.

Time For Change Fitness Group:

Time For Change Fitness Group Circuit

Fat Burn & Interval/Circuit Training Classes (Women Only) – Get a full body workout each time including a Fat Burning protocol at the beginning of class, moderate intensity interval/circuit training, cardio, resistance training, flexibility, balance, body weight calisthenics, medicine ball, resistance band, stability ball, hand weights, kettle bell, bosu ball, battle rope, balance disc, TRX, and agility ladder. The last 10 minutes will still be Foam Rolling – your own foam roller is required. Each session will be about 55 minutes long, and your first session is free. If it’s your first time, arrive 5 minutes early to fill out a short form before we begin. Bring a water bottle and a long foam roller.

Fitness Group Schedule: In Niwot – Fat Burn & Interval/Circuit Training Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:30am, Thursdays at 4:15pm. In Frederick – Fat Burn & Interval/Circuit Training Mondays & Wednesdays at 7pm.

*It’s REQUIRED that you RSVP for each fitness class you’ll attend (so I know how much equipment to bring) at this link here ==> Time For Change Fitness Group .  On this other website you’ll see specific locations/rooms for each group.

After your first free session, you’ll need to purchase a 10 session punch card by bringing cash or a check to me at the next fitness group session.

  • Special is $40 for a 10 session punch card for group!  NOTE: Punch cards will expire 6 months from the last date you attend group.

Time For Change Mobile Personal Training:

  • Availability for Mobile Personal Training is Monday – Fridays during the day only. No availability from 2-6pm or evenings at this time.
  • I’m currently accepting Mobile Personal Training clients in the following cities: Erie, Niwot, Longmont, Frederick, Firestone, and Dacono (there will be a fee for travel/gas if outside of my service area).

Mobile Personal Training Programs (Women Only) –  where I come to your home for an individualized training program. This could be a combo using weights, a stability ball, cardio, resistance training, flexibility, balance, body weight, and interval training to help you gain strength and improve your fitness level. Your program will depend on your goals (gain strength, lose weight, fat loss, improve endurance, posture, balance, etc).

Each week you’ll receive a new customized training program. I’ll come to your home once per week and you’ll do your full training program for that week while I’m there to show you proper form and to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. You’ll do your program several more times that week on your own. I’ll be checking in with you often for accountability; to make sure you did your workouts, answer questions you may have, and to make sure you’re on track with healthy nutrition and water intake.

  • One-on-One Mobile Personal Training Package Expires Within 6 Months Of Start Date.
  • FREE with either Mobile Personal Training Package Purchase – Fitness Assessment and BASIC nutrition consult. Weigh in and Body Composition Analysis is included, can add posture or movement analysis if that will be part of your program (depending on goals).
  • 4 1-hour sessions = $260  ($65 per session) – Full package amount is due at your first workout session.
  • 10 1-hour sessions = $580 ($58 per session) *special is $20 off this package, total would be $560 for 10 sessions. – This package amount can be broken up into two parts, the first half is due at your first workout session, the other half at session four.

Posture & Movement Analysis With Corrective Exercise Program:

posture analysis(For Men, Women, Teens) Posture Analysis – I’m using the best and most effective posture/movement analysis software on the market (Posture Screen Mobile). I’ll take specific pictures of your posture (front and side view) in person that the software can accurately calculate how your posture is affecting the weight bearing load on your body leading to instability and wear and tear.

(For Men, Women, Teens) Movement Analysis – (Squat Screen) The over head squat is a great assessment that provides valid information about total body flexibility, movement analysiscoordination and strength. The software will analyze your movement while you perform a squat to help identify postural misalignment, muscle imbalances, and which muscles are firing/not firing correctly.

After the Posture or Movement Analysis is performed, you’ll receive a PDF by email of your results with specific details on deviations, muscle weaknesses, etc as pictured here. I’ll be putting together a corrective exercise program consisting of specific exercises customized just for you based on your Corrective Exercise ProgramPosture or Movement Analysis results. These corrective exercises are designed to break the pain cycle by improving posture and range of motion, restoring balance and fluid motion, and to protect against recurring injury.

During your 6 week time period, you’ll get 24/7 access to your own secure exercise portal for online/smart phone/tablet access (WebExercises). You can view your exercises with photos, descriptions, and instructional videos, plus track exercise progress. Your exercise program can be printed off for future use (you just won’t have access to the videos after the 6 week program).  I’ll be checking in with you often for accountability, answer ?s, change exercises if needed, etc.

At the 6 week mark, I’ll meet with you in person again to repeat the Posture or Movement Analysis pictures or squat screen. You’ll get another PDF report emailed to you of before/after comparisons and to see your progress in 6 weeks.

NOTE: With these 2 programs (posture/movement), we only meet in person at the beginning and end of 6 weeks. During the 6 week program, you’ll have access to all of your personal exercises online with 24/7 access, and me checking in with you by text, phone or email.  The Posture or Movement Analysis with Corrective Exercises is for men, women, and teens.

Posture or Movement Analysis with Online Corrective Exercise Program – One time payment of $99 for a 6 Week Program. See details above on how this program works.

Customized Meal Plans:

Note: a health screen is required prior to this service as you may need to work with a registered dietician if you have a chronic health issue.

The key to any meal plan’s success is to focus on your health goals along with a great training program. You need to make healthy eating a priority. Results will be earned, not guaranteed.

If you’re looking for Meal Replacements, I recommend the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Program which includes Non-GMO Plant Protein, are Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Keto-Friendly, high in Fiber, powered by the amino acid Leucine to help you maintain your muscle while you lose fat, high in Vitamins & Minerals, Low Glycemic (safe for diabetics), and has No Artificial Flavors, Sweeteners, or Preservatives. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialists. I can design customized nutritional meal plans to meet your goals, lifestyle, and eating preferences. You may want a Ketogenic, Low Carb, Medium Carb, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, or Mediterranean Diet. Your customized healthy meal plan is comprised of several aspects including detailed analysis of current eating habits, age, height, weight, BMI, ratios, body fat, body measurements, discussion of goals, food preferences (likes/dislikes), choosing a diet type listed above, food journaling or app intro, approx caloric intake, portion sizes, timing, water intake and exercise frequency.

  • 2 Weeks Custom Meal Plans made just for you (detailed listing of what to eat specifically at each meal that includes your food preferences). Meal plans will be emailed to you and we’ll go over them, includes one follow-up phone consultation. $195.
  • 2 week Custom Meal Plan same as above with inclusion of specific recipes $350.
  • Favorite Restaurant Healthy Eating $150 – I’ll research up to five restaurants of your choice and select the best appetizers and entree’s for you based on your personal nutrition and caloric goals.
  • Grocery Store Tour $200 (1 hour) – We’ll head to your favorite grocery and you’ll get a one-on-one experience on how to navigate through the grocery store to find the best foods for your lifestyle. I’ll teach you how to read nutrition labels and easy ways to save on your grocery bill.

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  • Gift Certificates available upon request.

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