Time For Change Personal Training Challenge Winners

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2023 Fall Move & Lose 6 Week Reset Challenge – Rene lost 8 lbs (4.48%)

2023 Jan- March Move & Lose 10 Week Reset Challenge – Becky lost 17.2lbs (7.66%)

2022 Jan-March 10 Week Challenge – Susan lost 13.6lbs (7.38%)

2020 Jan-March 10 Week Challenge – Monica lost 15.8lbs (8.88%)

2019 Fall 10 Week Challenge – Ursula lost 18.4lbs (10.82%), Jan-March 10 Week Challenge – Deb lost 15lbs (7.85%)

2018 Fall 10 Week Challenge – Randee lost 18lbs (11.89%), Spring 6 Week Challenge – Melissa lost 18.6lbs (8.45%), Jan-March 10 Wk Challenge – Rene lost 19lbs (11.27%)

2017 Fall 10 Week Challenge – Tammy lost 15.4lbs (9.52%),  Jan-March 2017 10 Week Challenge – Tammy lost 19.8lbs (10.83%)

2016 Fall 6 Week Challenge – Brenda lost 8.4lbs (4.84%), Spring 6 Week Challenge – Sandy lost 8.8lbs (5.32%), Jan-March 12 Week Challenge – Cindy lost 17.4lbs (9.06%)

2015 Fall 6 Week Challenge – Suzann lost 9.8lbs (4.16%), Jan-March 12 Week Challenge Sue lost 26lbs (13.09%)

2014 Fall 6 Week Challenge – Sheila lost 13.2lbs (8.67%), Jan-March 12 Week Challenge – Shannon lost 15.6lbs (9.85%).

Earning the highest points and cash – Click this link to see pictures of the Challenge Winners on my Time For Change Fitness Group website.

2021 60 Day Fitness Challenge winner is Roxanne R.

2020 Fall – 30 Day Challenge winner is Wendy P.

Time For Change Personal Training Testimonies

See what others are saying about Tracy Rewerts, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Owner of Time For Change Personal Training LLC.

I am so thankful that Tracy was able to train me. When we first started, I had just started on my third month of recovery. Not only had I just had a baby, but I had also just had brain surgery as well. So to say I could barely hold my baby for 5 min at a time was a triumph for me. Tracy met me where I was. Worked with me and was very patient and encouraging. She started small and built from there. It was nice because she saw what I could do and made modifications as she saw fit. Each week she came, I could tell my strength was growing. My confidence too. I even got to incorporate my baby into my workouts, which made me even happier because I got to hear him laugh as I lifted him up. I am so thankful for the chance to be able to train with her. To have someone to check in throughout the week, and help keep me motivated.” C.B (Frederick)

“Tracy has been a great motivator!  I love her workouts and how she pushes you to do your best, even when you feel tired!  The environment she provides to work out in is fun, relaxed and uplifting!  She pushes me to work hard, and to keep my exercise regimen at its peak.  I appreciate her encouraging words and sound health advice.  Thanks for all you do, Tracy! With thanks.” S.H. (Firestone)

“Tracy is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and understands the concerns and needs of her clients. She educates without making you feel judged, and continually encourages and motivates. Her workouts are intense, and boy do you feel it for a day or two! I high recommend Tracy to any woman looking to get back in shape!” B.T. (Longmont)

“Tracy is the best, so encouraging and positive! Love how we work the WHOLE body at each workout! I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in one hour. So convenient and makes it less likely that I would choose to skip a workout!” K.H. (Longmont)

“I enjoy the work outs with Tracy, I’m seeing results and feeling energetic. I’m able to attend her sessions once a week at the moment and have shed 15 pounds in 5 weeks.” P.H. (Longmont)

“I have done other boot camp style workouts before, but this one really meets my needs the best.  I like that Tracy works out with the group, it makes it feel like she is one of us> Not just the trainer who “doesn’t need to work out”.  The group is really casual and supportive of one another.  Each time I’ve gone to a class, there is new equipment to try out, and I know that sometimes people bring in their our equipment to share with the group, or suggest an exercise they would like to try.  This keeps the workouts interesting, as well as focused on interest areas of the group.  Tracy is approachable, and I felt comfortable immediately.” F.G. (Frederick)

“I made a decision to hire a trainer last fall because I needed help getting motivated to increase my strength and stamina. Since working with Tracy I feel healthier, stronger, and more energetic. I’ve been able to ski, snowshoe, hike and bike at a much more enjoyable level because of Tracy’s encouragement and attention to my individual needs in training. She pushes me, but always adjusts my workout so I can finish well. She is very easy to work with and communicate with. Very knowledgeable about training at a level that is appropriate for the individual.” J.W. (Mead)

Time For Change Personal Training Testimonies

“Worried that you’re too out of shape, too weak, or too hopeless to begin improving your health? Tracy’s cheerful and optimistic attitude is infectious, and it was what I needed to get me over my doubts that changing my health is possible.” S.C. (Firestone)

“I have gained a lot from Tracy and her expertise in fitness and nutrition. I really enjoy attending her fitness class as I feel that I am getting stronger physically. I have a great support system through the relationships that I have built there.  She encouraged me to work out when I might not have done so on my own”. E.G. (Longmont)

“When you first came and started working out with us back in July, I had said that one of my goals was to feel physically able to go skiing this winter.  Well, I went skiing with a girlfriend last week and I had a blast!!  Not only that, I didn’t fall down at all, and I wasn’t really even sore the next day! I just wanted to thank you for your part in boosting both my confidence, and my ability to get back to doing an activity that I really enjoy. Thanks again for all you do!” C.R. (Erie)

“I signed up for Tracy’s fitness class and have been very impressed with her work ethic and her positive energy. She offers very helpful information in a no-nonsense way, and is so knowledgeable in her chosen field. I like her easy going, but focused style, and most of all I appreciate the big smile that is always on her face. She is truly dedicated to making exercising challenging, yet fun at the same time.” J.P. (Frederick)

“Tracy’s personal training style is perfect. She is able to judge progress and adjust the workouts accordingly. It is amazing to feel myself getting stronger and looking better under Tracy’s direction. Thank you Tracy, I am so glad I found you”. K.O. (Longmont)

” Tracy has been a saving grace for me as I work on losing weight, increasing my strength, and improve my overall health. She comes to my house, which is very convenient with my busy schedule. She keeps me accountable to do the work, but yet encourages me in a way that pushes me to make the progress I need.” K. C. (Frederick)

“Tracy has the perfect amount of encouragement to push me to new levels. Knowledge to answer all my questions regarding nutrition, and she holds me accountable, which helps me achieve my fitness goals. She’s a pleasure to workout with, and she offers a variety of affordable fitness methods.”  K.M. (Frederick)

“I love it and look forward to my workouts each week. I feel great after I’m done and am noticing a difference in my body and strength. Thanks Tracy! You are the best! ” K.Q. (Niwot)

“Training with Tracy is a dream come true. She really listens to your needs and immediately accommodates!  Her workouts aren’t for wussies!!  My body craves more workouts with her and her energetic attitude!!”  A.S. (Longmont)

“I have been trying to lose weight over the past few years and have tried different diets and personal trainers with some success, but it never lasted. Then I found Tracy. Tracy is not just a personal trainer, but a fitness nutrition specialist who cares.  She always has time to answer my questions. I am on a plan in which Tracy comes to my house once a week for an hour, and I also attend one of her weekly exercise classes. Her exercise routines are fun and always different.  After a few weeks on her program, I feel more energetic and ready to go. Thank you Tracy!” M.K. (Frederick)

“Working out with Tracy as a personal trainer has been great!  She motivates me, constantly encourages me, and caters the workout to my needs. In each workout she brings in new elements and even in a group setting she manages to appropriately adjust the level for each of us. Tracy is great at what she does and makes exercising fun! Thanks Tracy!”  H.A. (Longmont)

“I enjoy the variety of exercises each time, but enough routine to know what to expect. I get a great workout and personal attention from Tracy even though we are in a group. It’s motivating to be able to work out with friends and to keep exercising on my own between sessions.” S.R. (Firestone)

“It is a great workout! Tracy warms us up and then works us out! Strength training, cardio, and flexibility. She does it in a fun, non-boring way! She is always adding something different into the workouts, balls, weights. I feel so good after I have worked out and look forward to the next time.”  K.Q. (Niwot)

“This is the only fitness class that I’ve ever looked forward to attending! I am not intimidated at all and Tracy keeps the level challenging, but not overwhelming. I can’t wait for my next class! ”   S.R. (Longmont)

“ Very fun, good workout while having a good time. Doesn’t get better than that. ”  R.D. (Frederick)

“Tracy is awesome, provides personalized attention, and she really works you hard! I love the way I’ve been feeling since working out with Tracy.”   S.R. (Longmont)

“My husband and I have really enjoyed having Tracy as our personal trainer. We’ve found that having her come to our home both helps make the most of our time, and keeps us accountable to work out on a regular basis. We appreciate the variety of workouts that she prepares for us to do, as it keeps exercising and pursuing a healthier lifestyle fun and challenging. Tracy is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and encouraging personal trainer and we’re seeing results!” C & B. R. (Erie)

“Tracy is great to workout with.  Her motivation and coaching makes you feel good about what you are doing for your well being. The work out is a reward, not a punishment.  She is challenging enough to give you a good work out, and makes you enjoying coming back to do it again.”  S.B. (Longmont)

“Great, love it!!!” S. P. (Niwot)