Time For Change Fitness Group

Time For Change Fitness Group is live streamed virtually from anywhere for every class.

Time For Change Fitness Group Classes

Time For Change Fitness Group Classes are offered four days per week. Improve strength, balance, mobility, endurance, increase bone mass, and work on functional movement.

All classes are available live streamed from anywhere. *Special – purchase a 10 Session Punch card for $40.

Interval/Strength Training Class – Mondays at 9:35am MT live streamed online.

Use your body weight, perform dumb bell exercises, and do short cardio intervals throughout the class. You’ll get a full body workout in each class. Foam rolling or therapy ball work at the end of this session.

An advantage of full body exercise routines is that they allow you to develop better overall muscular balance and symmetry, resulting in improved posture and performance. By focusing on the whole body rather than individual muscle groups, you can create balanced muscles and joint stability which can help reduce the risk of injuries.

Cardio Walking Workout Classes – Tuesdays at 9:35am, and Wednesdays at 7pm MT live streamed online.

If you like dancing and fun, join us for an energetic and easy-to-follow Cardio Walking Workout class. This ~20 minute dance party for beginners is low-impact and designed to get you moving to some of your favorite tunes.  This is similar to zumb, but not just Latin moves or music, it will be a variety of steps and music.

No equipment or experience required. We’re combining a 2000+ step workout that is perfect for all fitness levels.


CoreFirst Trainer ClassFridays at 9:35am MT live streamed online.

The CoreFirst Trainer is a Hands-Free Resistance Band (pictured left), working your core first with a full body workout each time.

Train like you move in life. The COREFIRST TRAINER allows a 360 degree sphere challenging you in all planes, while the bands are pulling against you during every movement you make. Foam rolling or therapy ball work at the end of this class.

See my blog post and video on this piece of equipment by clicking on this link COREFIRST TRAINER.

*It’s recommended to have a CoreFirst Trainer for this class, but you can use your weights if you still want to attend this class. Email me to get your CoreFirst Trainer at 10% off with a discount code.


How To Join Time For Change Fitness Group Classes

Follow these steps to join my Time For Change Fitness Group Classes:

  1. If you are NEW or have not attended my fitness group classes in a long time, email me at Tracy@TimeForChangePersonalTraining.com to fill out a waiver/health form.
  2. RSVP online for classes by clicking this link Time-For-Change-Fitness-Group. Once on this other website, click “Join”, and set up a quick profile. RSVP (on the other website) for the specific classes you want to attend.
  3. Purchase a 10 Session Punch Card for $40 via Venmo or Zelle (I’ll send you a payment request for this by email). The punch card is good for all fitness group classes, expires six months after purchase.

Need help one-on-one with your fitness goals? Click on the Services tab at the top of the page to the pull down menu and choose what type of Personal Training you’re interested in finding out more.

Referral Offer, Get Rewarded.

  • Refer a friend to Fitness Group that purchases a 10 session punch card and you’ll receive a Free punch on your punch card.
  • Gift Certificates available upon request.