What makes the COREFIRST TRAINER so different and powerful?

In moving and living life from the Core First, we use a Hands-Free Resistance Training™ system that allows the wraps to be on your wrists, feet or ankles and bypass limb limitations.

By letting go of your grip and not having to hold onto the bands, handles, ropes, bars with your hands, this transfers the work to your core.

This is especially great news for those with limiting hand, wrist, and elbow issues like arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis/golf elbow, injuries, and weakness.

With having your grip open, this allows your hands to access other tools or equipment like weights, a tennis racquet, golf club, boxing gloves, partner exercises; or to be on the floor, wall, hit a bag, catch a ball, etc.



Here are just a few of the COREFIRST TRAINER benefits:

  • Train like you move in life. The COREFIRST TRAINER allows a 360 degree sphere challenging you in all planes, while the bands are pulling against you during every movement you make.
  • It will activate your core muscles as much as 20X more compared to traditional movements.
  • Integrates upper body, lower body, cardio bursts, balance training, isometric holds, functional movements, and working multiple muscle groups at the same time.
  • Progress at your own speed. You determine how much pull the bands will have by how close or far away you are from the anchor point. Closer = less intensity, further = higher intensity, and all movements can be modified for your level of fitness.
  • Workout anywhere! Our trainer allows you to get an effective and efficient workout from anywhere. By attaching the anchor loop or door anchor to any fixed surface indoors or outdoors, you’ll have access to countless exercises and stretches.
  • The COREFIRST TRAINER is affordable. Contact me to get your trainer ordered today, so you can join my fitness group classes or use it in your personal training sessions as soon as you receive it.
  • For all skill levels, health, and fitness goals.
  • The COREFIRST TRAINER will help you achieve results by activating your Core first, build muscle, burn fat, help with muscle conditioning, strengthening, increase endurance, and improve flexibility and mobility.

The COREFIRST TRAINER Fitness Group Class is every Friday at 9:35am. Click this link at Time For Change Fitness Group to find out how to get signed up for this class.

*Get the CoreFirst Trainer at 15% off by emailing me at for the discount code and how to get started.

You can also incorporate the COREFIRST TRAINER in your Time For Change Personal Training sessions. I look forward to helping you with your fitness goals.