Actions Today = Better Health Tomorrow

Your Actions Today Will Bring You Closer To Better Health Tomorrow We know that we can't predict our future, but we can control the habits and actions we do today to help make for a healthier tomorrow. So let's throw out the question: What kind of health do you want for your body 10-20 years from now? Do you want a body that can walk around the block with ease, ski, hike, play games with the kids or grandkids, swim, bike around the neighborhood, workout and many more? you want a body that will hurt with every step, one

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Enhance Your Workouts With A Fitness Group Class

Enhance Your Workouts With A Fitness Group Class If you've been frustrated by lack of results or are looking to change up your workout, enhance your workouts with a fitness group class at Time For Change Personal Training. Sticking to the same workout routine can be convenient, but may not be giving you any results. If you change up your exercise routine, your body will be challenged continually and it will burn more calories. This will result in a more successful weight loss, plus you can avoid repetitive injuries and boredom. A fitness group class will help promote fat loss

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How To Avoid Injuries When Starting A Fitness Routine

how to avoid injuries when starting a fitness routine

How To Avoid Injuries When Starting A Fitness Routine Now that spring weather is here, you may be looking to re-start your exercise program or commit to getting in shape. As you're eager to jump into your new workout routine and start seeing results, be sure that a workout injury doesn't get you off course of your plans to improve your health.  The human body is capable of adapting to an increase in work and intensity, but don't do too much too soon if you're just starting out. As many like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with

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