Not Getting Results From Your Workouts?

Not Getting Results From Your Workouts?

Many of us have the goal to improve our health, along with losing weight and better fitness. Some people have no problem achieving their goals, while some make a little progress and hit a plateau.

If you find yourself stuck in your workout goals, any or all of these 7 reasons may be why you’re not getting results from your workouts. The good news is, you can choose to change by following some of the simple suggestions below.

  1. You do the same routine over and over – Your body adapts quickly to the repetitive exercise movements you’re doing, so you must change them on a regular basis. You’ll also avoid over-use injuries by doing new moves, plus it’s fun to try something new…you never know, you might like it.
  2. You don’t like change – Are you doing the same thing, but expecting different results? Doing the same thing is what keeps you stuck. You may feel like a new training program would intimidate you. We all like familiarity, but you have to get out of the rut you‘re in. To push past this plateau, you need to change your routine and increase the intensity. Fear isn’t going to go away, so face your fears. You CAN reach your gaols and I believe in YOU!
  3. You procrastinate – You say, “I’ll start next week”, “I’m just too busy right now”, or whatever excuse you can come up with. Don’t keep putting things off! There will never be a ‘perfect’ time to start, so put your words into action and start your training now. Your health depends on it.
  4. You’re inconsistent – We all know that consistency is key in any activity you do, this carries over in your workouts as well. Choose an activity and workout that fits with your lifestyle and schedule. The best training you can do is one that is sustainable in the long term.
  5. You’re doing lots of Cardio with no results – Don’t get me wrong, you need cardiovascular training, but doing an hour plus of running, the treadmill, elliptical, stepper, or any other machine at the same speed and difficulty is not the answer. You need interval and strength training. Interval training is when you push your heart rate up high, let it come back down a bit, then get it right back up, and so on. This will burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time, so it’s as win-win….less time working out with better rewards and results.
  6. You’re not consuming enough calories – This is especially common among women that are trying to lose weight. You’ll usually lose weight initially, then you hit a plateau. Your body is trying to protect itself from starvation. If you limit your calories too much and you’re working out more, your body thinks its going into a famine and will slow your metabolism by breaking down muscle. You must have the right amount of healthy calories going in to make your metabolism fire on all cylinders. If you’re not sure how many calories you should be eating while losing weight and working out, I can help you with that.
  7. You don’t get enough sleep – Sleep is a very important piece of the puzzle that is not often talked about. Your body produces human growth hormone while you’re sleeping to help you build muscle and lose fat. Your goal should be 7-8 hours of sleep per night. If you get less, you hinder this process and your recovery.

No one ever said it was going to be easy, you have to work hard to get good results. You will have obstacles to overcome, but press on and persevere. You CAN do this!

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